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Why should adults have all the fun? Let your kids experience the thrills and joys of childhood. Tridom is a must try, featuring the tallest indoor drop tower in the Middle East, the first of its kind ultimate family entertainment arena in Ras Al Khaimah along with other exciting thrilling rides!


Do your kids like to tirelessly jump around all day? If YES, then Tridom is just the place for you! Tridom has especially created an indoor playground for such happy bouncy souls where they can play freely without you having to worry in a safe and secure environment.



Children enjoy bouncing up and down, run back and forth & chase each other & we enjoy watching them. Unleash their adventurous happy self as they go round and round on crazy gliders, merry go round, run through the jungle rides on an elephant!
Set them free! Let your children be the crazy hoppers that they are. The Ball pit is the place for some wild, adventurous hopping and jumping. Stop controlling and start enjoying, see what bundles of joy they are! You might also want to join these smiling faces.
Kids love to be rewarded, especially when it is for something apart from academics. Bring your children to the redemption center, catch-snatch & win, beat everyone on the videogames, and win whatever your joystick picks!